Without Further Ado

by Goliathon

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Recorder in summer '10 at Basement Rage Studios by Bob Fouts.


released November 13, 2010

Chris Probasco - Vocals/Guitar/Saxophone/Harmonica
Colby Holmes - Bass/Organ/Backing Vocals
Christian Wren - Guitar
Neal Cunningham - Guitar
Matthew Allan Fields - Drums



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Goliathon Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Juqus Harpus
If you let the untrod ground pass long beneath your shoes
You’ll find a man who’ll gladly show you to your room.

When you have arrived he’ll show you to your private chair
And what’s more you’ll have companions waiting there.
They’ve got their crowns unwound like thread upon a spool.
And their thinning hair…

If you let the untrod ground pass long beneath your shoes
You’ll find a man who’ll gladly show you to your room.
Track Name: Justice is Blind
What determines good?
And what is bad?
Law only defines itself
because man is where evil dwells.

Justice is blind
Just ‘cause it’s written
Don’t make it right
Justice is blind

What is good?
And what is bad?
You give me a two sided coin
to typify the depth of choice.

Justice is blind
It’s got no eyes to see
Motive behind
Justice is blind
Track Name: Panhandled
Woman at the station said ‘Hey man can I have a dollar or some spare change.’
She saw the coffee in my hand and the pack of 99’s and heard the clink of Lincolns in my Levi’s.
So I emptied out my pockets and lost my shiny dimes, feeling like a sucker with a weak spine.

Saw her there again a week or so later pickin’ all the nickels out the coin tray.
She found an unsuspecting youngster and cornered and implored him, coercing with the jawing of her tired line.
Well his quota was a quarter so he thought he probably oughta’ even though she seemed a little on the strange side.

Woman at the station was back the next evening, asking for a dollar or some spare change.
I saw the bottle in her hand and the pack of 99’s she was rolling like a yuppie with a tee time.
When she asked me for my money I said ‘Get lost honey it seems to me that you are doing just fine.’
Track Name: Self Reflection
Clouds roll lazily across the sky
And feel the earth exhale a summer sigh

In the mirror I introduce myself
And I try to gauge if I’ve been doing well
Track Name: Negligent Senescence
A young man bargained with Diablo.
Want to know what he’d give for a soul.
Satan said, “What I’ve got to offer
is the crux of all man’s desire.”

With sweaty palms he consented.
With a laugh the Devil granted
the gift of life everlasting.
“See you when the world stops spinning.”

His life grew starved of any purpose.
The grins from grave made him mirthless.
An ancient mind that despised its youthful body.
A prisoner of its own selfish folly.

Where will we go when the sun burns out?
Who’ll ease the pain when our will gives out
What if I walked the Earth alone?
Would I beseech a way to go?

The Horsemen trod ‘cross the horizon.
The Reaper harvests his in silence.
Old boy sat lonely midst the fire
and cursed the crux of all man’s desire.

Surreptitious Liar
whispers in your ear
sweet hymns of the now, while
scheming to turn your future into a
lesson on the thin ice
of whimsical lust.
I would guide you to virtue but
maybe He’s crafting the words on my tongue.

“So buddy what you got goin’
on down on your eternal rock?
Is it just me or did things get dull?
Was there an ebb in the flock?

“Seems the Fates got lazy
Neglect to snip at your string
And now your yarn grows longer
You pointless infinite being